Saturday, October 3, 2015

Polka Dot Blouse

For September "Snoop Sewing" I decided to copy Lauren Conrad blouse, shown here. My plan was sew a high collar blouse and big chest pockets but things didn't go so well and in the end I have to cut the high collar and make it as a V-neck blouse. I also skip the pockets because they don't look good with V neck.
Here is the final result...

picture from
Pattern And Materials:
BurdaStyle Simple Blouse 04/2013 # 104 A  size 36
1.5 yards of small black polka dots over white colour cotton fabric, 8 small dark brown and white gingham buttons, 1/2" bias tape and thread.

Sewing Process:
As usual I sew the front plackets and sew the front and back pieces at the shoulder right sides together, then attached the sleeves on the body.
After that I sew the high collar and attached to the neckline. The result shown in the picture below (first one from the left). My work on the collar was fine but just a little bit tight for my neck and it doesn't look good on me.
So, I cut the high collar and make it as V neck blouse. As shown in the middle and last pictures, I measured 11 cm from the CF down to the chest and cut both sides.

And then I sew 1/2" bias tape right sides together along the neckline. After that, I folded the bias tape to the inner blouse and top stitched.

Here is the result...

After I finished the neckline, I reduced the sleeve length 2 cm and worked on the plackets and cuffs. I was a little confused with the instruction from Burda but lucky I managed to sew the plackets with the video tutorials from Angela Kane here and here.
After I finished the plackets, I sew the blouse side from the sleeve to the hem right sides together ( I did for both sides), then sew the cuffs.
Sew the button holes and buttons. Then the last work was sew the hem. I used narrow hem.

Well, working in this blouse wasn't so easy but at least I learned a new skill on sewing sleeve plackets.
And here are the finished blouse, front and back views following by the closer look of the sleeve placket and cuff. Also the high low hem :)

And the last two pictures of me wearing it, back and front views

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Happy Sewing!

BurdaStyle Simple Blouse 04/2013 #104 A size 36
Sewing a sleeve placket part 1 and part 2

Monday, September 14, 2015

Boy's Shorts In Grey And Wine Colours

I made two shorts for my son, one in grey colour and another in wine colour. Both of them are using medium knit cotton fabrics, elastic waistline, no pockets and finished with decorative sticker in the right side of the bottom. They are very comfortable to wear and my son loved them :) 


The original pattern is a sweatpants pattern, BurdaStyle 10/2013#142 size 110. I copied the pattern pieces on the sheet of papers. I cut the shorts length until a little bit below the knee and omitted the pockets. I added 3 cm for outer and 1 cm for inner  shorts at the bottom, this method is good to avoid the tightness.
After that I glued both front and back patterns together. I added 7 cm for the waistband and 2 cm for the hemline.
A little note : the length of the grey colour shorts is 2 cm under my son knee and the length of the wine colour is 7 cm under his knee.
Here is my pattern piece, instead of having two pieces of patterns I have one piece only. The right side is for the front and left side is back.

1 yard of both grey and wine colour medium knit cotton, 3 cm wide elastic waistband, decorative stickers - airplane and soccer ball and matching thread.

Sewing Process:
It was easy, I don't need to sew the zipper, pockets or front fly :)
Firstly, I cut the fabric. The picture below shows how my fabric after cutting, the right side is back and left side is front. I placed my two pieces of fabric right sides together, sew it along the crotch point up to the waist, for both front and back sides

After done the sewing, I secured the raw edges using an overlocker sewing machine.

Then I pin along the both legs, sew it and serger the raw edge using an overlocker sewing machine too.

I folded the waistband and sew around but I left 5 cm open to insert the elastic

After the elastic inserted, I secured both sides of the elastics using sewing machine and sew the opening area.
And then, I sew again on the top of the old stitching with one more stitching using twin needle to secure the elastic and fabric at the same time. I think the result is much nicer and less bulky than if I sew it in the middle of the shorts.

My last two works are sew the hemline and fused the sticker on the right bottom of the shorts. Then sew around it using my sewing machine.

And here are the final shorts, front and back views

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Happy sewing to everyone!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Dresses And Quilted Tote Bag For Average August

Hello everyone..
I have been away from this blog for a month. I was super busy during summer holidays but in the end I relaxed for ten days in Bangkok with my family. Enjoyed the city, spicy foods and celebrated two birthdays - my dear husband and my younger son :)

I managed to make two simple dresses, one quilted tote bag, pouches and two kimono tops for swimsuits cover before I left home. But for today I will show you the dresses and the tote, the kimonos will be posting in the later post.

Now, let me start from my first dress, I called Elastic Waist Dress. I used 2 yards of printed chiffon in grey and black from stash. I have love hate relation with chiffon, I hate it because it will make me sweat especially in hot days and I love it because it will never crumple. 

Pattern and modification:
This dress is my own modification from Built By Wendy Dirndl Dress size S. I made the neckline bigger and a little V-back.
I skip both front and back darts and added 2 cm in back bodice sides. 
Added 3 cm for both front and back skirt and sewn elastic at the waist.

The sewing process was quick, I sewn the bodice lining but I let the skirt without lining. Nothing special I can say about sewing this dress. It was easy, even the beginner can do it :) No zipper but elastic at the waist.
Here are the pictures of the dress on me, front-side-back views and the closer look of the dresses including the inner dress,

The second dress was super easy, I finished in two hours. This dress is my second dress from BurdaStyle Summer Dress
I used 2 yards of printed cotton voile in blue, black and yellow. I love the fabric, especially the print.

Pattern and modification:
I used BurdaStyle Summer Tank Top 05/2013 size 34/36
To make a dress, I just lengthen the pattern until my knee and reduced both sides 3" because the original pattern was too big, the armholes are almost reaching my waist :)
source from BurdaStyle
The sewing process was fun, quick and easy. I sew all pieces according to the instruction. I sew the shoulder strip first then sew the armholes.
After the armholes done, I folded the neckline and sew it in both front and back. I left the both sides of neckline open to insert the strip.
I sew both sides of the dress right sides together.
Insert the strip in the neckline and leave some centimetres for the shoulder, and knot the strip in another shoulder.
Hem the dress and done! :)
Here is the final dress on me and the closer look,

The last projects are quilted tote bag and pouches.
The bag size is 17" x 16.5" x 5" , no zipper but I used snap fastener. The inner bag has one big pocket with zipper in one side and two pockets without zipper in another.
The bag pattern is self-drafted. I did the work same as my previous bag, except the quilted block.
I never did a quilt before, so this is a good opportunity for me to try a quilt block. My first attempt in quilt was nine patch block, I found the easy tutorial from I love it and can not wait for the next project to start :)

Here are the pictures of my finished bag and pouches and the closer look of the inner bag with pockets. I wore these a lot during my holidays, especially to put all my swimming stuff.

The bigger pouch size is 11" x 8", no lining and finished with zipper and I sewn a holder in one side of the pouch.
The smaller pouch size is 7" x 6", also no lining and finished with zipper.

And here is my quilted in process, I used all the fabric scraps from stash :)

I think that's it for my today post, finally all things are settle after my holidays and more sewing to come :) Hope all my sewing fellow had a great summer holidays. I miss you all and can not wait to read your posts and see your projects.

Happy Sewing!
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Outfit, V-Back Top and Shorts

Hello everyone..
As promised in my previous post, here is my new top that I made especially to wear with my orange shorts. The top has round front neckline, V-back, short sleeves, and loose fitting. In the end of my work, I have to make a tube top with straps because the top is transparent :)
Summer Top details
1.5 yards of jersey net in black colour and black thread

Pattern and modification:
I hacked the bodice pattern from Built By Wendy Dirndl dress size S.
I worked on the front bodice first by removed the dart. I slashed the dart and drew a straight line from the dart point down to the waist. And then drew a new waistline.
After that I worked on the back bodice by removed the dart and added 1.5 cm to the outer side. Then drew a new line of the side and waistline.
As I wanted a loose top, I slashed the front and back bodice at the center front and back to the middle of the armholes and added 1.5 cm.
Also I reduced the front neckline 2 cm at the shoulder and 1 cm at the center front. Then drew a new front neckline.
Reduced the back neckline 2 cm at the shoulder and 15 cm at the center back. then drew a new V-back.
I did the same thing on the sleeve, I slashed in both sides 1.5 cm. Then drew a new sleeve pattern.
Here is my drawing process
And here is my drawing for the top pattern after I lengthen both front and back bodices 16 cm and lengthen the sleeve 2.5 cm

The sewing process of this top is fine, I pin and sew them as usual. The only little bit tricky was sewing the neckline. The fabric was so slippery to work with. I was thinking to use neck band but I gave up, I just folded the neckline at the seam allowance 1 cm and sew it along using twin needle.
The sleeves and hem allowances was 2 cm, also sew them with twin needle.
Here are two pictures of the final top, front and back views,

For the tube top, I used my husband t-shirt that he doesn't use anymore.
I measured my waistline and added 7 cm. Then I made a rectangle shape and cut my fabric in two pieces (front and back). Sew the front and back, right sides together. Folded the upper part 1.5 cm, stitch along but left 2 cm at the center back to insert the elastic.
Insert the elastic ( I used 1 cm elastic). Sew both end of elastic together and closed the opening area.
To make the straps, I cut the remaining fabric. Folded right sides together, pin and sew.
Then sew the straps onto the bodices, front and back.
Here is the result,

Now, I want to show you The Shorts detail
I finished this shorts last month and it was a part of my Magam June, but I decided to publish the detail after I have the top to wear with it.

1.5 yards of orange linen from stash, it was a leftover of my previous project BurdaStyle Tie Skirt.
Fusible interfacing, normal zipper, hook n eye fastener, gingham fabric for pocket and threads

Pattern and modification:

I used BurdaStyle pattern, Velvet Shorts 08/2014 size 34.
I omitted the bottom fold. Added the shorts length 6 cm.
Added both sides 1.5 cm and added the waistband 3 cm.
Also, instead of using the button closer for the waist band, I used hook n eye fastener

The sewing process was ok. The instructions were clear to follow.
The inner pocket was using gingham fabric, a very light and soft cotton that's good to avoid bulky.
Here is my process of sewing the pocket,

After the pocket done, I pin and sew the shorts as usual. The tricky part was to sew the front fly but glad I managed to finish it nicely. Well, not perfect but I am happy with it :)
Then, I hem the shorts 3 cm.
Nothing more I can explain about my work on this shorts. I just want to show you the closer look of the front, back and the pocket views

And the last three pictures of me wearing my summer outfit, side - back and front views


As I mentioned in the beginning, this post is my mixing Magam June and July with themes " stashbuster" and "sew bookish".

Happy sewing!!


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